Hoang Truong

Banh Mi Box

Banh Mi Box

Branding | Undergrad Fall 2014

The Oklahoma City area is home to a variety of authentic Vietnamese food. With the vast amount of options available, restaurants tend to blur together having no real individual branding to stand out. Banh Mi Box attempts to step away from the crowd, with a visual language that caters to the mainstream. Combining culture and design, Banh Mi Box hopes to target consumers to everyone, not just the Vietnamese community.

Logo Process

The mark combines the typographic form of a “B” with an abstracted loaf of bread. The tag line “Build Your Box” refers to the restaurant’s customizable sandwich options.

Branding Elements


Banh Mi Boxing


Every year, Banh Mi Box hosts a Fight Night arena event full of boxing, games, food & more! Banh Mi Box pledges that all proceeds help fund the effort to end and reduce world hunger. Drawing inspiration from Boxing imagery, the event is advertised through colorful posters. social media graphics and boxing gloves hung around the local area