Hoang Truong

Emerge: 2015 Senior Capstone Exhibition

2015 Senior Capstone exhibition

Exhibition Branding | Undergrad Spring 2015

The School of Art + Art History hosts an annual exhibition celebrating the work of the graduating class. Focusing on macro themes of capstone itself, the identity system for the exhibition captured the movement that the word entailed. Growth, progression, transition, evolution were all themes that defines the class of 2015. How can we capture this action? This moment full of emotion? How could we create a vocabulary unique to us as artists and designers?

The visual language draws from the idea of "Emerge". At this moment, we are emerging from students into professionals, from implementers to creators. Emerge can be defined as "to become  prominent". The visual vocabulary of the identity begins to speak about layering and building up, words emerging from a surface. There is a topographical element through the linear elements, referencing hills and mountains that can represent the ups and downs and the obstacles overcame throughout an individual's undergrad experience. The absence of color places a greater focus on the form and how it functions; it becomes more about how the art is reacting to light and shadow.

Project in collaboration with colleague, Carla Anthis